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Let me ask you something.  

Have you ever splurged on a pretty piece of jewelry that you loved so much, you never took it off?  But then a few months down the line, you noticed it was starting to tarnish, or worse yet, break apart?  Wouldn’t you love for this to never happen again?

Me too! My name is Caitlin, and I founded Boy Cherie jewelry to reintroduce fashionable women, like yourself, to delicate fashion jewelry that has longevity.  All of my designs are handmade in California using intricate techniques and quality materials to ensure each piece last for years and years to come.  I also offer free repairs for life on all my pieces just in case on the rare occasion something happens. 

Want to know a little bit about me?

"I've been designing jewelry since I was 6 years old, I know what is essential to create quality, luxurious pieces that last. I believe all jewelry, whether fine or fashion, should not just be consumed but cherished. Each of my designs is handmade to perfection with the best quality materials to ensure they become your favorite go-to pieces in your jewelry box that you will cherish for years and years to come." -Caitlin

 Well I am originally from San Francisco and started designing jewelry when I was 6 after my mother gifted me a bead set for my birthday.  Ever since then, I was completely hooked.  Flash forward to two decades later, and I started to notice a lot of fashion jewelry on the market was made with really inexpensive materials but sold at a premium price.  To me, this didn't seem right, so I decided to start my own jewelry business that focused on jewelry that is made with quality materials and intricate techniques.  

Who is Boy Cherie?

I came up with the name Boy Cherie after watching a biopic on Coco Chanel.  The gentleman who gave her the money to open up her own shop in Paris (and was also her longtime suitor) was nicknamed Boy.  So as a tribute to her, I decided to name my business Boy Cherie- the "darling" first investor of Chanel.  

And that my friends, is the story of Boy Cherie.  A jewelry company dedicated to designing pieces for you that will last a lifetime.  


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