Simply Stylist LA 2016

This was my second year attending the Simply Stylist event, and I absolutely love it! It's such a great place to meet like-minded fashionistas and get completely inspired by amazing panelists.  You also get to network with some of the top bloggers and entrepreneurs in the industry like the beautiful Cat Sadler and  Lily Galichi.  The best part about the event is the opportunity to make new friendships.  

The hardest part about attending this event is deciding what to wear.  Since it's a fashion, blogging, and beauty conference, you know everyone will be wearing amazing outfits.  I decided to go for an effortless trendy look with floral shorts and a lavender blouse.  I wanted to wear shorts to give my outfit a more unconventional look.  Also, I knew I would be out and about 8+ hours, so I wanted something that was comfortable.  To dress up my outfit, I wore my favorite pumps (can't go wrong with Valentino's) and my new favorite Boy Cherie pieces- Stella necklace and Victorian bracelets.

At the end of the event, you get showered with an amazing SWAG bag and a bunch of fun giveaways.  My favorites were personalized business cards and stationary from Minted.  Such a genius idea for a gift because everyone needs business cards at an event like this!  

If anyone is thinking of attending the next year or going to the 2016 Chicago or New York conference, I highly recommend it.  I promise you will go home feeling inspired, happy and grateful that you made new friends and contacts in the fashion/blogging industry!

Hope you are all having a great week!