How to Accessorize Bold Prints and Bright Colors

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Romper: Eight Sixty/ Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (similar)/ Necklace: preview of Boy Cherie's Fall collection/ Bracelet: preview of Boy Cherie's Fall Collection

As many know I'm a sucker for bright colors and bold prints.  I think they are so much fun to style, but I know a lot people think the opposite and think bold prints are too daunting to pull off.  So, I wanted to share my three styling tips on how I accessorize bold prints and bright colors:

My first tip is less is more.  Your outfit is already your statement.  You don't need to exaggerate it with big, chunky accessories.  The bold print should be the focal point of you look.  Take my look for example.  Since the orange romper was the focal point to my outfit, I chose minimalist accessories- dainty jewelry,strapped stilettos, and distressed clutch.

My second tip is to think in complimentary colors when choosing your accessories.  Just because you're wearing a bold color doesn't mean you can only accessorize with neutral tones.  You choose accessories that are somewhat opposite hue (complimentary color) to your outfit.  With my outfit, I wore a dainty, sea-foam green necklace to pop against the bright orange romper.  The contrast between the two colors made the outfit stand out more. 

My last tip is to be comfortable with your style choice.  People can tell if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, so be confident!  Also, dress appropriately for the occasion.  I know I sound like a nagging grandma saying that, but it's so true! This tip helps avoid getting unwanted attention and unnerving stares.  I know my orange romper shows a lot of skin (especially paired with 4 inch stilettos), so I wear it out on date nights or drinks with my girlfriends.  I would feel uncomfortable and awkward wearing this outfit out shopping or going out to lunch.  So, the easiest way to feel comfortable with your outfit choice is to make sure it's the right for the occasion!

There are my three styling tips for bright colors and bold prints! Hope you ladies found it helpful, and hope everyone has a great weekend!




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