Everything Tassels!

A Row of Tassel Necklaces

For the last couple years, one of my main design obsessions has been tassels.  I absolutely love the texture and dimension a tassel adds to a necklace.  It gives a certain element of playfulness while still looking elegant and sophisticated.  

I am definitely not a risk taker when it comes to my personal fashion.  I do fall in love with some trends, but I usually stick with classic pieces- i.e. t-shirts and jeans during the day and silk blouse and skinny dark jeans at night.  I find it easier to glam up my look with accessories instead of trendy clothing.  And, tassel jewelry does just that! I mean look at my outfit in the picture above. The thing that pops in the pic is the Jennifer necklace; the outfit would look so mundane without it!  

So ladies, my advice is to add a tassel necklace to your wardrobe!