Blogger Crush of the Week

I decided to start a weekly segment about my favorite fashion blogger of the week. I love following fashion bloggers and seeing all the creative ways they put outfits together.  I seriously spend about an hour each day just going through all the new posts. There are so many fashion bloggers out there that it can be a tad bit overwhelming finding ones that fit your style though.  So I thought it would be a fun idea to slim down the search and highlight a different blogger each week.

This week, my favorite post was Jenny's from Margo & Me.  Everything about this outfit is absolutely amazing!  I love the pop of color with the Cobalt blue cape.  I also love the navy sheer lace top paired with the leather paints.  It's the perfect balance of femininity and edge.  And of course, I love the Chanel purse!  This whole outfit is effortlessly elegant; everything that Boy Cherie loves!

Thank you Margo & Me for creating such a beautiful look!

Caitlin ReynaComment