Accessorizing This Holiday Season

Is anyone else shocked that it’s December? I have no idea where the time goes!  I have been busy working on a few fun projects for 2015, so I put my weekly blog posts on the back burner.   But now I’m back, and I’m ready to discuss all things jewelry and fashion!  Since we are in the midst of the Holiday season, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about holiday jewelry and accessories.   

Remember back in the day, when holiday accessories were defined by bright green Christmas tree earrings, jingle bells necklaces, and glittery Santa Claus pins?  I personally never understood the Christmas jewelry trend.  Just because it is a holiday, doesn't mean you need to throw all your fashion sense out the window and dress like a giant ornament! Unless you are attending a Ugly Sweater Party,  there really is no excuse for Holiday decor jewelry like these:

There are so many other great accessory options out there that will allow you to be festive and still maintain your fashionista style.  If you want to stick with the traditional Christmas colors, you could wear a gold necklace with green accents like the Linda Necklace:

Or you could skip color all together and deck yourself out in a bold gold necklace:

Another great option (and this one is my favorite) is go a few shades off track.  Try accessorizing with pink or teal instead of the traditional red and green.  I think going off the normal Christmas color palate makes and outfit stand out more, and who can resist these beauties:

So those are my thoughts on accessories for the holidays.  I’m sure you’ll look amazing in whatever ensembles you wear this season, just remember that you don’t have to look like a human Christmas tree to look festive!