How To Get Organized for 2015

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to be more organized.  Granted, this resolution is a little cliché, but I think it was my biggest issue of 2014.  I was juggling my full time job, running a small jewelry business, trying to market my website, and attempt to start this little blog.  I was constantly struggling to find time to get everything done, and a lot of the time I felt like a chicken with her head cut off!  So it’s time to make a change in 2015!

Now, I realize that becoming more organized is a lot easier to say than do!   If I am going to achieve my New Year’s resolution, I need to come up with a game plan.  So, I scoured Pinterest for ideas and tips on how to become more organized and narrowed down my research into this small list:

1)      Schedule your year: Get a daily planner and create a schedule for the whole year that includes everything you want to accomplish in 2015.  I think this is the most important tip on how to organize your life.  By scheduling all the things you need to get done each day/week/month will help you organize your time better!  And another great perk is there are so many cute planners to buy!  I purchased this black and gold one at Paper Source.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think a cute weekly planner definitely gets me more motivated to create a schedule and stick with it!

2)      De-Clutter your space: Now that you have your cute planner, make sure to schedule a time to de-clutter your work space.  This tip isn’t as fun as picking out a cute planner, but studies show that people are more productive in a well organized work environment.  So schedule 15 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, or a couple hours twice a month to keep your work space nice and tidy!

3)     Write To-Do Lists: Come up with a to-do list each day.  I know you have your schedule already, but the to-do list will help you prioritize your daily tasks.  And if you want cute stationery to inspire you to do so, I found these cute notepads on Etsy.

4)      Make sure to review:  Lastly, make sure to review your schedule daily.  This may seem a little obvious to some- why would you buy a planner if you weren’t going to look at it!  But it’s easy to let time slip away, and you end up forgetting about your schedule and your 2015 resolution all together!  If you make it a habit to look at your planner daily, you’ll be able to stick to your schedule!

So those are my tips on getting organized for 2015!  Hopefully they will be helpful for some if not all :)  This year, I plan on still blogging a lot about jewelry, fashion, and starting a business, but I am also going to branch out and write some off topic things now and then too.  I hope you guys will like it, and hope you all have a wonderful 2015!