Tips on How To Layer Necklaces

One of my favorite jewelry trends at the moment are layered necklaces.  I love how layered necklaces can transform a basic t-shirt and jeans into an effortlessly elegant outfit.  And you all know how much I love anything effortless elegant :)

Layering necklaces though, can be a very tricky skill to master.  Ironically, creating such a simple and minimal look can be very overwhelming! There are so many different types of necklaces and so many different options on how to layer them.  So, I have attempted to create a few simple rules to make layering necklaces a lot easier!

Rule #1: Spacing- It is key to have the necklaces properly spaced.  If the necklaces are too close in length, the look will appear cluttered and tangled instead of simple and layered.  I recommend layering your necklaces at least 1/2 inch apart.  I personally like things symmetric, so I usually do even spacing- i.e. 14 inches, 16, inches, and 18 inches.  But you can mix up the lengths (i.e. 14 inches, 17 inches, 22 inches) to create a more organic look.  I suggest play around with a bunch of different length necklaces, and see what combo is your favorite.  I also found this cool chart on Pinterest to better understand necklace lengths.

Rule #2: Shapes- Always have the longest necklace end in a drop charm shape.  I know there are a ton of different style charmed necklaces, but majority of them can be broken down into 2 categories- drop charms and bar charms.  

Drop charm examples.

Drop charm examples.

Bar charm examples.

Bar charm examples.

I think the best layered necklaces are the ones that use both style charms.  Layering a few different styles gives the look more dimension.  The reason for having the longest necklace end in a drop charm is because it makes the look more continuous.  Drop charms give the illusion of an elongated appearance; whereas, bar charms give the illusion of a blunt cut off to the look.  See the two different styles here:

drop and bar charm comparison.jpg

Rule #3: Avoid getting tangled.  A problem when wearing multiple necklaces is they sometimes get tangled and twisted together.  The trick to avoid this from happening is spacers.  They space out the chain enough so nothing gets tangled.  So when you find your perfect combo of necklaces to layer, you can go to a jewelry or bead store and have them attach the spacers to your necklaces.  There are even some jewelry companies (enter shameless plug-in for Boy Cherie here) that offer custom layered necklaces :)

I hope these tips help and make layering necklaces easier!  Thank you for reading my post, and hope you have a great rest of your week!




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