Is Bead Weaving Jewelry Making A Comeback?

Remember the days back in junior high where we lived for everything Lisa Frank, loved butterfly hair clips, and rocked those flower beaded chokers?  I was obsessed with flower beaded chokers! I would spend countless hours in my room making them.  Oh how I loved bead weaving!  But as I grew older and realized that flower chokers weren't the coolest thing to wear, I retired from making them and from bead weaving all together...or so I thought!

The past few months, I've had the urge to get out my needle, string and beads and start bead weaving again! Don't get scared now, I still think the flower beaded chokers should stay in our pre-teen past!  But, I have been brainstorming more sophisticated designs.  What do you think about these diamond shaped earrings? Still a little juvenile, or is it fashionable?

One of the reasons I love bead weaving, is you can come up with your own patterns.  Right now, I'm working on designing this bracelet using the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala. I love the mixture of the different reds in this woven pattern I'm creating.  I think the pattern of placement of the beads is the key factor to making a bead woven piece look elegant instead of juvenile. 

I'll let you ladies know when this bracelet is finished to show you the end product.

Thanks so much for reading my post! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!