Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's day is right around the corner, and everyone knows this is the day to celebrate love.  Some people think it's only for romantic love, but I think it's all kinds of love- parents, family, friends, co-workers...basically anyone and everyone you love and appreciate!

Here's a few ideas for Valentine's Day gifts:

1) Flowers- I myself don't like receiving flowers (I would much rather get expensive chocolates), but my mother loves them.  So, my sister and I send her tulips (her favorite) every year to her work.  Just a simple reminder that we love her :) 

2) Truffles- truffles are a perfect gift for Valentine's day!  They are so pretty and elegant, and you can get on wrapped in a pretty little box!  These make great gifts for friends.  Just a little trinket to let them know you love them. And Whole Foods sells these LadybuG truffles made by Xan Confections that are so yummy!

3) Something Sentimental- this is for you special someone.  Try to think back if your special someone one mentioned something they wanted, are interested in or, are curious about.  It doesn't have to be tangible; it can be an activity, a date, etc.  Last year, my boyfriend mentioned he wanted to learn more about wine, so I signed him up for a wine club.  And another perk to that gift was I also got to enjoy the wine :)

4) A phone call- I usually make sure to call a few family members (my grams, great aunt, etc) on Valentine's day, but it could be anyone you like.  A lot of people get lonely on this day, and a simple phone call to know they are loved and thought of can be the perfect gift!

5) Finally, a special something for you!  I am a big believer on buying yourself presents, and Valentine's day is not exception!  I encourage you to splurge a little on yourself too this Valentine's day.  Get something that you usually wouldn't spend money on- a nice bottle of perfume (I am currently obsessed with the Jo  Malone Earl Grey perfume), that sweater you've been eyeing, or my favorite, a decadent box of chocolates!  I use to buy myself a box of chocolates from a chocolatier shop in Grass Valley, CA, but they closed last year.  So this year, I'm on the hunt for a new chocolate shop!  Any suggestions?

Hope you lovely ladies have an awesome Valentine's day filled with fun, love, and chocolate!

Thanks for reading my post.