My Weekly Inspiration- Graceful Jewels

A little  unknown fact about me is that I'm Catholic.  I usually don't broadcast this to anyone and everyone I meet, but I wanted to share it on my blog today because it is the inspiration behind my Grace necklace.  

A lot of design ideas just pop into my head randomly and keep popping up till I actually design them.  The one design that has been on my mind for years was the Grace necklace.  I've always wanted to design a necklace that was an alternative to the cross necklace.  As a jewelry designer, I think most cross necklaces are either too mundane, too gaudy, or too cliche.  I wanted something that was unique and meaningful yet still fashionable, so anyone (despite their beliefs) could wear it. 

One day at Mass, an idea came to me while the priest was saying his homily. He was discussing the state of grace and how God said the when a person is in a perfect state of grace, the human soul is crystal clear.  I fell in love with that quote, and I instantly new what to design- a clear crystal pendant on a dainty chain.  Grace.


I know it's really boastful for me to say, but I absolutely love this necklace, and it's not just because I designed.  It is just everything I wanted in a necklace.  It's reflective and meaningful yet still fashionable and stylish.  The main reason I love it though is because the saying isn't just for Catholics or Christians.  It's for everyone.  Any person that is graceful and kind will have a crystal clear soul.  How beautiful is that!  

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!