Fashionistas & Passionistas

A few months ago, I attended a fashion conference to network and meet more people in the fashion industry.  I am learning more and more that networking is one of the main keys to growing a business, and this conference gave me the opportunity to do just that.  One of my favorite people from the conference was Erika De La Cruz. She is a tv host, entrepreneur AND the brand ambassador for the 2015 San Diego Fashion week.  Needless to say, this girl stays busy!

I cheesily thought we were a business match made in heaven.  She was an entrepreneur in the fashion spotlight wanting the perfect fashion attire and accessories, and I was a designer wanting fashionistas like her to wear my pieces!  So, we decided to meet and talk shop.

photo 4.jpg

Erika was kind enough to bring her photography guru, Louie from 656 Photography,  to capture our meeting.  I'm obsessed with his work, and so thankful he took so many photos of the jewelry I laid out for the meeting.  I have taken thousands of pictures of my designs, and they never turn out this good!

It never gets old watching people try on my jewelry, especially when the awe over your jewelry :)  I loved layering Erika in gold delicate necklaces and gemstone animal bracelets. 

Photoshoot 1.jpg

But my favorite part of the meeting was talking about our businesses and life goals.  Such a great experience meeting someone who is equally driven and passionate about their careers.  She even taught me my new favorite word-"passionista."  I think that word sums both of us perfectly :)