Tips on How to Wear a Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are one of the biggest accessory trends happening right now.  I will admit that at first, I was not a fan.  Most of the styles out there reminded me of the plastic crochet necklaces I wore in 7th grade- a fad that I do think is better left in the past.  But, I’m noticing that more and more jewelry designers are putting their own creative twist to this trend (including myself).  Choker styles are no longer limited to black bands and leather cords.  Now there are many different choker styles and even more ways to accessorize them.  Here are a few of my favorite choker looks:

1) Statement Choker Style

Statement choker and off the shoulder style.JPG

One great statement piece is all you need to accessorize an outfit.  It stands out alone but also compliments the ensemble.  You never want a statement piece to overshadow a look, and this is why I love statement chokers!  They are beautiful and eye-catching, but not overpowering.     One of my favorite looks this year is pairing a statement choker with an off the shoulder top.  There's an element of sexiness (for lack of a better word)  to this outfit because the bold necklace accentuates the bare shoulders and decolletage.  I especially love wearing this look on date nights or grabbing cocktails with my girlfriends.  My favorite part about this look is the whole thing looks stylish and effortless.  No one wants to look like they are trying to hard to fit in on a trend!  

Sweater:  Anthropologie / Jeans: Levis ( similar )/ Handbag:  Tory Burch / Boots: Charles David ( similar )/ Necklace:  Boy Cherie / Sunglasses:  Le Specs

Sweater: Anthropologie/ Jeans: Levis (similar)/ Handbag: Tory Burch/ Boots: Charles David (similar)/ Necklace: Boy Cherie/ Sunglasses: Le Specs

2) Minimalist Choker Style

I am obsessed with minimalistic chokers at the moment because they are so easy to wear and go with everything!  They add a little extra bling to an everyday outfit, and they are so comfortable to wear that you will probably forget you are even wearing jewelry.  

My favorite types of minimalist chokers are mixed metal ones, and I think this is going to be a huge jewelry trend for 2017.  The contrast between silver and gold really makes a piece stand out.   Take the heart necklace I'm wearing for example.  The silver  heart really pops against the gold chain.  If the necklace were all one color, you wouldn't notice the heart as much.  Mixed metal chokers are a great minimalist piece that will still make your outfit pop!

Miminalist Choker Style Necklace blog post.JPG
Blouse:  Anthropologie / Jeans:  Levis / Handbag:  School of Leather / Heart Necklace:  Boy Cherie / Sunglasses:  Le Specs

Blouse: Anthropologie/ Jeans: Levis/ Handbag: School of Leather/ Heart Necklace: Boy Cherie/ Sunglasses: Le Specs

3) Layered Choker Style

There are so many style options when it comes to layering chokers.  You can layer a bunch of chokers to make more of a statement look, or layer a couple pieces to be more minimalistic.  In this pic, I decided to layer two simple gold necklaces to keep the outfit casual.  Since my outfit was mostly neutrals, I wore a tiny garnet bar choker to add some color and layered it with a gold ball necklace for some extra bling.  The look is very simple but still eye catching.  

The best thing about layering choker necklaces is there really isn't a right or wrong way to do so.  Have fun mixing and matching your favorite necklaces and playing around with different colors, textures, and shapes.  You will soon find a match you love and continue to wear it all year!  

Blazer: Vici ( different color )/ Blouse: Vici (old)/ Jeans:  7 for All Mankind / Hangbag:  Tory Burch / Gemstone Necklace:  Boy Cherie

Blazer: Vici (different color)/ Blouse: Vici (old)/ Jeans: 7 for All Mankind/ Hangbag: Tory Burch/ Gemstone Necklace: Boy Cherie

Have any of you found a choker style that you love?