Mother's Day Gift Guide for Your Chic Mamma

I don't know about you, but shopping for my mom isn't always easy.  In fact, it can be down right impossible.  I'm good with knowing what practical stuff she needs/wants, but gifts are supposed to be fun not practical!

If you're like me, you are probably now scouring the internet for some great gift ideas.  Something that will truly make Mom admit I'm her favorite :) But as I started my search, I noticed majority of gift guides out there suggested the same exact things! 

 So, I decided to put together my own gift guide with things that I think every stylish mom will love!  Hope you 

1) Custom Birthstone Necklace

Yes this is my design, but I promise it's not a shameless plug in! I purposely came up with this custom promotion for Mother's Day because I think it will be a great gift! It's on trend with the latest styles, made with the highest quality material and techniques, and it has sentimental value without being overly cheesy!  Best part is that it's custom! You get to pick what metal and birthstones that make the necklace.  

The options are pretty much endless! If you want the gift to be a reflection of you and your mama, do a mix of hers and your birthstones. If you want it to be with all your siblings, you can do a row with all your birthstones.  Or if you want it just to be a reminder of you, you can do a row of only your birthstone!

Now doesn't that seem much more stylish and understated than the  necklace that says, "#1 Mom"? 

Interested in purchasing this necklace for your mom? Click here.

2) Tory Burch Fitbit

Tory BUrch Fitbit.png

Fitbits are a huge trend right now, but they aren't the most thrilling of gifts.  I wasn't going to even think to add this to my gift guide until I came across Tory Burch's Fitbit design.  This was a game changer! It transforms that rubber band into a beautiful bracelet.  You can hardly tell it's a fitness tracker!  Have a stylish mom that is also a health nut? I highly recommend this.

To check out this blinged out Fitbit, click here.


3) India Hicks Scarf

To me, scarves are like jewelry- you can never have too many of either.  And I am obsessed with the India Hicks designs.  I just recently discovered this company and love all their products!  THey have everything from beauty to amazing handbags. All her designs are elegant and effortless! My favorite of her prints is the palm, and the palm scarf definitely something your mother would love and constantly wear!

To check India Hicks and this scarf, you can click here.

4) Fresh Perfume

This gift is for the stylish mom who doesn't leave the house without spritzing herself with perfume.  There are a ton of great fragrances out there, but my favorite line is Fresh.  Their scents are amazing without being too overpowering or smelling too much like chemicals.  I also love how simplistic their fragrances are.  This makes it much easier to pick out a scent for someone else. Have a mom that loves the smell of flowers? You can get her the Honeysuckle scent.  Or does she love a great citrus perfume? Then you can get her my favorite Hesperides Grapefruit.  I promise you this gift won't disappoint!  

Side note: They also have make amazing candles if your mom prefers to scent up her house.

Click here to check out all the other Fresh scents!

5) Statement Pearl Earrings

Boy Cherie - Web Res-41.JPG

OK yes, this is another plug in for my company, but I think these earrings would make a great gift!  Statement earrings are a HUGE trend this year, and pearls are so classic.  These earrings are the perfect balance between trendy and elegant style.  I promise you your chic mama will be wearing these on repeat!

You can check out these earrings by clicking here.

6) Gift to the Spa


I don't know one woman who doesn't love being pampered, so spa treatment gift always a great idea! Only downside, is there is no real gift for her to open, and isn't that supposed to be half the fun?  I suggest pairing the spa gift with this Eucalyptus Shower Spray by Travertine Spa Collection. I'm obsessed with this product because it turns an ordinary shower into a Eucalyptus spa steam room.  The scent is amazing and makes you feel completely relaxed right in your own home.  It's also made with all natural ingredients!  

You can check out the shower spray and more Travertine products by clicking here.

Anyone else have great gift ideas? I'd love to hear them! Only a couple more weeks to shop before it's Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!