Accessories Gift Guide for Men

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I'm obviously a huge fan of accessories being a jewelry designer and all, but did you know accessories aren't only for women? Just like jewelry, shoes, and handbags, men have accessories that can complete his outfit! I love buying Joe fun accessories for presents and stocking stuffers each year.  For one, he gets great use out of them, and they are also really fun to gift!  

So here is my men's accessory gift guide! Hope you like it!

1) Jord Watch

Jord Watch men's gift guide.JPG

Need to find a gift for a special man in your life, and you’re running out of time?  Well, I suggest getting a Jord watch.  These watches are absolutely stunning! Finding a watch for Joe has been a huge battle.  All the watches I saw were either too trendy or too casual.  Since he’s a lawyer, he usually has to dress up at least a few times a week.  He wanted a watch that would compliment his professional attire and also be something that he could wear out on weekends without being too flashy.  Basically, he wanted something classic yet eye catching.   I was about to just give up on finding something until I discovered Jord watches!

The face of the watch is simple, sleek and timeless (no pun intended)!  In all seriousness, I knew I found the perfect watch for him when I saw Stacked Sandalwood & Olive Ivory Hyde Jord watch!  It fits Joe’s style perfectly!

The best thing about Jord watches, is each one has its one character.  Some are super intricate with lots of detail and gears on the face while others are more casual and simplistic.  There’s a style for everyone!   Have a man who is into mechanics and engineering? You should check out Jord's Meridian watch series.  Or have a man that likes a bold pop of color? Then one of the Frankie watches with a bold face might be perfect for him!

I’m so excited for Joe to open this present on Christmas! I just know that once he puts on his beautiful new Jord watch, he will never take it off!  It will become a staple item in his wardrobe.

So thinking about buying one of these beautiful watches? You can get one for yourself too, check out this link here. Well, I have some great news for you!  Jord is also having an amazing Holiday sale right now through December 15th where you get 25% off your purchase. Just click this link to find the perfect style for your guy!

2) Salvatore Ferragamo Ties

The main reason I love gifting Joe accessories is that many are quirky yet still practical.  I first saw these ties when we were in Rome, and I completely fell in love.  At first glance, it looks like an ordinary tie pattern.  But up close, they are cute animals doing various things. How fun is that!

I actually gifted one of these ties to Joe last year, but I think I want to make it a yearly tradition.  This year, I decided on this lion tie because it's one of his favorite animals, and the pink color will go with a lot of his dress shirts.

You can check out more patterns here.

3) Fun Socks

anchor socks.jpg

Socks may be the best men's accessory! It's basically like jewelry for men.  You can go super quirky with a funky, bright design, or go more minimalistic with simple stripes or solids.  I personally love seeing a bold printed sock on a guy.

J Crew has the best selection of fun socks.  I have my eyes on these anchor socks since Joe has a boat obsession. But I also may get these sledding socks to, so he can have festive socks for next year.

sledding socks.jpg

Socks make a great stocking stuffer and are also relatively inexpensive, so they won't break the bank!

4) Wallet with a Money Clip

money clip wallet.jpg

I love the idea of a money clip, but hate how it really only holds just money.  You could put credit cards and ID in it, but they really aren't fully protected.  Did you know that some wallets are made with money clips? So, there's a place for cards, ID, and cash! Have a fella that is need of a new wallet this Holiday season, then take a look at this Tumi wallet!

I personally think it's the perfect style wallet because it makes it so easy to organize your cards, bills and ID.  Plus the design is super sleek.  No bulky, awkward sized wallets! 

5) Cuff Links

compass cufflinks.jpg

Cuff Links are a very old school accessory, but they can also be a very sentimental gift.  If your guy goes to a couple fancy work dinners a year, I bet he owns a few cuff links.  I suggest browsing around to see if their are any cuff links that fit his interest and hobbies.  For example, let's say he loves traveling and/or sailing.  Then he would probably love these compass cuff links.  Or if he loves building things and working with his hands, then these gear cuff links would be perfect!

gear cuff links.jpg

Accessories isn't just for us ladies.  Men love to accessorize too (even if they don't admit it). Best part of men's accessories is that you can have a lot of fun picking things out and can easily make them sentimental.

Hope you all found this gift guide helpful!