Minimalist's Guide to Accessorizing

I always tell people I'm a complete oxymoron.  Even though I'm a jewelry designer, I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to jewelry.  For some reason, I find delicate and dainty pieces much easier to wear and accessorize with!  Are you interested in a super easy way to accessorize any outfit? Here are three tips to help you accessorize like a true minimalist!

1) Pick neutral toned jewelry to accessorize your outfit.

Minimalist Jewelry Tips

Neutral toned jewelry is gold, silver, rose gold, white, or clear crystal/diamonds.  Accessorizing with neutral colors will keep things simple and easy. Clear and metallic tones go with everything, so by accessorizing with these types pieces, you will not need to worry about the color scheme in your outfit. 

A great example is this navy embroidery dress.  I love this dress because it's super comfortable and vibrant.  It's basically a complete outfit in one piece! To make my accessorizing easy, I styled the dress with gold, silver and white colors to avoid having to find the perfect color gemstones to match the embroidery.  The jewelry still adds a little bit more sparkle to my outfit without me having to spend a lot of time putting it together!

2) Layer your jewelry to make it more noticeable.

Of course you want your jewelry to be delicate and understated, but that doesn’t mean it needs to completely blend in with your outfit.  After all, isn’t the whole point of accessorizing to make your outfit shine a little brighter? I found that by layering a couple of dainty necklaces and/or bracelets will  make your jewelry noticeable and minimalistic.

One of my favorite pieces is the gold satellite chain necklace. I love how delicate and comfortable it is to wear (I usually forget I'm even wearing it).  But because it's so dainty, it can easily blend in to an outfit.  So, I always layer it with a second necklace to add a little bit more sparkle.


3) Make sure your jewelry is made with REAL quality materials.

Accessrozing with minimalistic jewelry.JPG

Little confession: I always forget to take off my jewelry.  I actually wear most of my pieces for days before switching it out.  That means I sleep, sweat, shower, and even jump in the ocean with my jewelry.  Because of this bad habit, I  only wear jewelry that is extremely well made (lucky for me I’m a jewelry designer) and produced with the best quality materials- gold filled and sterling silver.  Unlike plated pieces (a base metal that is plated in silver or gold), gold filled and sterling silver will never permanently tarnish. 

So before purchasing a new piece of jewelry, read the product detail to see what it is made out of.  Sure sterling silver and gold filled is a little bit pricier, but you will be able to cherish your jewelry for years and years to come!

Have more questions on how to accessorize your jewelry? Feel free to comment below or message me!

Have a great day everyone!